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Lawn Care Services in Lynnfield & Georgetown MA

Our lawn care services In Lynnfield, MA have many benefits.
Our lawn care services In Lynnfield, MA have many benefits.

The goal of our lawn care services are to use organic practices whenever possible that feed the soil to create a stronger and healthier grass plant. All our programs seek to use progressively less pesticides and nitrogen as the treatment plans progress. Completely organic options are available including our 5 Step Program at no additional charge. Our 100% plant based product adds vital living microbes to the soil as well as using an organic based compost tea.

Our approach improves the way your lawn takes up nutrients while aiding the lawn to resist insects, disease and weed encroachment. This approach results in a lawn with a rich green color, healthier plants and soil and less environmental impact. Core aeration and over seeding are also important parts of the program and are recommended to be performed on an annual basis.

Benefits of our lawn care programs

  • A thicker lawn with a deep green color
  • Greater drought resistance through a thicker and deeper root system
  • Better lawn health through Improved nutrient uptake 
  • Reduced weed encroachment into lawn
  • Lawn resistant to insects and disease problems
  • Less environmental impact due to fewer chemicals or pesticides

When you're looking for high quality lawn care in Andover, MA (or nearby  Georgetown, Lynnfield and Haverhill), Grassmaster Plus is prepared to deliver. With so many customizable plans, there's sure to be a program that's right for you! Our professionals will see to it that your home's lawn becomes beautifully green and luscious, and our team will maintain your lawn to keep it healthy with organic products and processes. With over 20 years of experience in the business of yard maintenance, Grassmaster Plus is your best resource for high quality lawn care. Call us today!