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Grassmaster Plus

Plant Health Care, based on the principles of IPM, is also a component of Grassmaster Plus. This program headed by Vicki Raffle, Ph.D., MCA, provides customers with professional insect and disease diagnosis and treatment for trees and shrubs as well as organic fertilization for improved soil and plant health. Vicki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from California University of Pennsylvania as well as a Master’s and Ph.D. in Forestry from the University of Minnesota.  She has nearly 20 years experience in all facets of plant maintenance and plant health care.

Our professional lawn care specialists are led by Jim Murphy. Jim has been an Assistant Superintendent at Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich CT. He also worked at Tedesco Country club and Charles River Country Club respectively. He has a Bachelor degree in Plant and Soil Science from The University of Massachusetts.

Treatments were always on time and thoroughly handled. My lawn hasn’t looked this good in 3 years. This is my first year with Grassmaster Plus and I am very satisfied.”

– West Newbury

My lawn has never looked better. It is exactly what we wanted and now we finally have it.”

– Frank, Boxford

This is our first year with Grassmaster Plus, and they have always been extremely professional and knowledgeable with any question we have, and always put the customer first. Through this hot and dry summer, our lawn still flourished and even did better then in previous years with a different fertilization company.”

– Southern NH Customer

I feel that the Grassmaster Plus team has been very diligent about delivering what they promise. For example, Grassmaster Plus was at our property yesterday (11/2/12)to apply fertilizer. The young man from Grassmaster Plus blew away as many of the leaves (left by Hurricane Sandy) as he could before he applied the fertilizer so that the fertilizer would not be swept away with the leaves. He treated our property as if it were his own, and did the job right. We appreciate that kind of service”

– Ipswich

Grasssmaster has been responsive to my needs and questions and problems. They always returns calls and take care of issues. The crews have been pleasant and informative when I have been at home while they are fertilizing”

– Boxford

The lawn looks beautiful. We cut over 40 lawns a week and I must say yours is the greenest and thickest. Whoever is treating it is doing a great job! Have a great weekend!”

– Lawn Mowing Company for Grassmaster Plus Customer