Why did my grassmaster plus services automatically start?

Grassmaster Plus’ lawn care services carry-over from season to season. Each winter you will receive a pre-payment letter with your services outlined for the coming year. At any point you can modify your services, or cancel them all together.

When is my bill due?

All services should be paid within 10 days after service. SIGN UP FOR AN ONLINE ACCOUNT AND LEARN MORE HERE.

What should I do if my weeds remain?

Grassmaster Plus is proud to offer free weed touch-ups in between lawn care treatments. Please notify Grassmaster Plus by calling us at (978) 769-3595 or email customerservice@grassmasterplus.com to alert us of your issue.

Why does my lawn look better in some areas than others?

All lawns have their own personalities. You may be dealing with different soil types, shade versus full sun, or different grass types. Shade versus full sun and soil types usually play the biggest role in dry conditions and lawn health.

How long should my children and pets stay off the lawn after a lawn application?

Please follow our written instructions and remain off the treated lawn until the lawn is dry, or as an extra precaution wait 24 hours. With the sun and wind, the material dries relatively fast but waiting as long as possible is best.

How long should I wait for my Weed Control to work?

After spraying your weeds, you should wait 7-10 days to see the effects of the weed control product begin to take place. In this time frame, you'll begin to notice the leaves of the weed curl. Please wait 7-10 days before calling Grassmaster Plus for any follow-up applications.

When should crabgrass treatment begin?

Since crabgrass seeds germinate during the early spring, pre-emergent treatments need to take place before then to be effective. The best time to apply these treatments is when temperatures are colder and before the nighttime soil temperature reaches over 50-55℉ for three days.

Should I be concerned about mushrooms in my lawn?

Mushrooms are a naturally occurring species that pop up on overcast days and when there is a lot of moisture. They are nothing to be alarmed about and will disappear as quickly as they appear once there are some dry days with sunshine.

What can I do to get rid of snow mold?

Snow mold appears as discolored spots in your yard after the winter season. While snow mold typically corrects itself as the weather dries out and sunshine appears, it’s also recommended to lightly rake those spots or use a leaf blower to fluff up matted down areas.

Does fungicide fix my lawn disease problem?

Fungicide prevents the lawn disease problem from spreading, but the unsightly grass will need to grow out.

Should I roll my lawn in the spring?

No, rolling your lawn actually damages the crown of the grass plant. A core aeration should be performed to relieve compaction and aid with drainage from spring rain.

When should I begin to mow my grass in the spring?

Spring mowing should begin when your soil is firm, and not damp. This can damage your lawn, and cause unsightly mud marks.