Our programs are designed to drastically reduce the number of potentially disease carrying pests such as ticks and mosquitos entering your lawn area or pests such as ants from entering your home.

These programs help reduce the chance of disease for pets, family, and yourself and increase your outdoor activity and improves your outdoor experience. 

  • Tick & Mosquito Program - 8 applications (April through November)
  • Tick & Mosquito Program - 5 applications (May through September)
  • Ant Program - 3 applications (May, July, September)


The tick life cycle is very complex with multiple hosts and our program of monthly applications from April through November helps control all stages of the black legged tick, often referred to as the deer tick which carries Lyme disease as well as other blood borne diseases that can cause serious illness or even death. A perimeter of approximately 12 feet is established; typically this is six feet into the wood line and six feet into the turf or mulch. This creates an effective barrier against ticks crawling in from wooded areas.


Mosquito control is important because mosquitos can spread potentially deadly diseases such as West Nile virus and EEE to humans. Our treatment plan involves a wood line perimeter application and treatment of shrubs in planting beds. In addition, we treat the mosquitos’ daytime resting areas around your home and property where mosquitos like to shelter from the heat of the day including the house foundation, under decks and under stairs. These applications will reduce the population over time due to the treatment of their daytime resting areas.


Our Ant Program includes three applications throughout the season with a professional grade ant control product applied around the foundation of your house to eliminate ant colonies, ant hills, and prevent new ones from becoming established.