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How To Hire The Best Lawn Care Company In Massachusetts

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on January 27, 2024

You strive to support local businesses, and you want to give your business to local lawn care companies, but where do you start?  There are plenty of options in Massachusetts, some in the North Shore but how do you find the best one?

For starters, a professional lawn care company should offer excellent customer service, provide the treatments you need and have professional, licensed lawn maintenance technicians on staff.

Thankfully, finding the best lawn care company in the North Shore or all of Massachusetts84755 for your needs is simple with the right resources.  Here’s a list of the most important ones at your disposal.

Your Neighbors

One of the best sources of information, both good and bad, about local lawn companies can be your neighbors.  Lawn companies are required to post treatment signs which you’ve more than likely seen as you’ve driven down your street.  Check with these neighbors and find out how they feel about their lawn company.  Do they come when they say they are coming?  Do they leave directions about watering or staying off the lawn after a treatment? 

More importantly, how quickly do they respond to a request for extra weed control or another possible issue with your lawn?  Do they have the same technician come to their house every time?

Their Website

A company’s website can give you a complete picture of the business or in the case of a poorly organized website can leave you scratching your head.  A simple search for Local Lawn Care Services would bring up a few websites to start with.

Does the company offer quotes or free lawn care tips?  What about customer testimonials?  Do they have information about their staff?  Most importantly, is it easy to find the information you need to help you decide like, services included in their lawn program, additional services like pest control or other maintenance services. If not, move on to the next company.

Also, it’s generally best to have your fertilizer and weed control serviced from a company other than your landscaper. Landscapers who handle cutting the grass and other yard maintenance like mulching generally aren’t experts in lawn care. Many of them will outsource the fertilizer and weed control or they will do it themselves but will buy the same products you can buy from your local store and then upcharge you for them. Lawn mowing services also don’t have an incentive to get your grass growing faster than normal since they’re the ones who must mow it.

Customer Reviews

After you’ve found a few companies in your area that you like, look at their customer reviews.  These can give you a lot of insight into whether the company is the right choice for your needs.  While it might be tempting to just look at the stars that accompany a review, try to read the comments that accompany the ratings.  They can provide more context to the rating.  If the company has reviews on its site, start there.  You can also search for reviews on sites like Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook reviews or HomeAdvisor.


Licensing is an important element of a lawn care company.  A company without the appropriate licensed technicians could damage your lawn and the environment. Many landscapers don’t have licensed applicators who normally handle the varying fertilizer and weed control products on the market.

Licensing ensures that the staff have attended the appropriate training and testing sessions in the proper use of pesticides.  Using a company with the necessary licenses can help ensure your lawn will be treated correctly.  Check a company’s website to see if their technicians have licenses, or you can search the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture’s site.

Once you’ve found some companies that look good, get a few quotes and compare.  Remember—when asking for a quote, be sure to ask for the total price of lawn care services, as some companies will only quote you the price of one application.  Keep your lawn and bank account healthy by doing your research before choosing a local lawn care company.

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