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Is Slitseeding A Good Option For My Lawn?

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on September 25, 2023

Fall is finally here! Leaves will be changing colors, there will be a cool crisp smell in the air, and that's when you know it's that time of year in the North Shore to address thin or bare spots in your lawn. One of the best ways you can repair those troubled spots in your lawn is by slit seeding.

What Is Slit Seeding

As the name implies, a machine cuts a "slit" in the soil while dropping seed at the same time. This seed has direct access to the soil which will provide it the nutrients it needs to germinate as well as protecting it from birds or other animals that will use it as a food source if it's simply left on top of the soil.

Using a crisscross pattern when slit seeding will give you the best results since you're applying the seed in 2 directions over the same area.

Keep in mind, slit seeding is great in certain situations. For example, after you remove a tree from the lawn and there's a section of dirt. But it can actually harm a healthy, established lawn by cutting into and damaging the root system. And if there are exposed roots from an old tree or rocks in the area you wish to fix, a slit seeding machine may not be the best option.

When To Slit Seed

Slit seeding is best during the spring or fall growing seasons, like any other type of seeding. The fall is usually the best time to apply seed because of the cooler temperatures and increased moisture in the soil. You also don't have to worry about timing your seeding so it will take and not be impacted by a pre-emergent for weeds and crabgrass that's also applied in the spring. Pre-emergent will not allow new seed to germinate, so early fall is really the best time to slit seed!

Other Things To Consider

Always keep in mind the type of seed you use will have an impact too. Here in the North Shore, we have cool season grasses. So make sure when you slit seed or apply seed in any form, it is a good mix for the area that you live in. Usually, it's a blend of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye, and fescue grass types!

Also, any time you apply seed to your lawn it is always beneficial to include a starter fertilizer which can also be referred to as a "Seed Enhancement." Starter fertilizer provides additional nutrients that encourage root development in both the new seed and existing turf's root system. 

If you're looking for more information on slit seeding in the North Shore area or are simply ready to speak with someone about your lawn care needs, go to or call 978-769-3595 today!