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How To Find The Best Local Lawn Care Company Near Me

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on June 14, 2019

Supporting local businesses is a mantra these days and there are many good reasons to do so.  By hiring a local professional lawn care company, you are keeping your money in the local area benefiting employees and their families and potentially creating more jobs in your community and surrounding areas.  While there are likely many options in your area for lawn care companies, you need to define what you expect a lawn treatment company to do for you that will make it “The Best.”

Are you looking for the lowest price or the best products or customer service?  Do you want a company that specializes in lawn care or are you looking for one that offers a variety of services like tree and shrub or pest control?  There are several ways to find a company that will fit the bill for your lawn treatment needs.

Ask Your Friends And Family For Referrals

Talking to folks you know who use different lawn services can be a great place to start.  You can get firsthand information on pricing, quality of service, responsiveness to customer questions or complaints and you can see the results in their lawn.

Once you have a few names to investigate, the internet should be your next stop.


One of the simplest ways out there to check out a company is by going to their website.  On their site you can find what services they offer, the history of the company, key personnel and most importantly, customer reviews and ratings. 

A lot of companies run specials on their websites such as discounts for signing up or some type of free treatment. Most if not all will offer a free estimate on their lawn care services.


Most companies these days have a Facebook presence.  It is a great way for them to stay in contact with their client base and keep them updated on what the company is seeing on lawns so you can be aware as well and call if you suspect a problem. 

It is a great place to check out customer reviews, other readers’ comments, and the company’s response to them. Many companies also use social media to pass on lawn care tips to their customers.

Making The Choice

Once you find a few companies that look promising to you, get quotes over the phone. Hiring a lawn care company isn’t just about fertilizer and weed control. Find out exactly what is included in each visit.  Some companies may offer a discount on the first treatment and then the remaining treatments are at a higher rate. 

It’s okay to ask for something in writing outlining your lawn program and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what you can expect.  It is your lawn and your money so do what is best for both.

Get More Info From The Pros!

Looking for more information on lawn care or just ready to let the professionals take over your lawn care needs? The Grassmaster Plus team is ready and willing to answer any questions you have and can provide you a free quote on your lawn care services for the season. Contact our local office today!