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Pre-emergent Weed Control Keeps Your Lawn Looking Great

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on February 14, 2020

Weeds are one of the biggest threats to beautiful lawns here in the North Shore, but there is a weapon to combat them!  Pre-emergent herbicides are the product of choice to start your lawn off right this spring! 

Crabgrass is the most common weed that homeowners control using pre-emergent products.  Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed.  Annual weeds spread by seed as opposed to root or stem runners like perennial turf grasses do.  Left untreated, in late summer, it will produce weed seeds that can then be scattered around your lawn and begin the whole process all over again next spring.

How Pre-emergent Works

Pre-emergent is a product that you apply to the soil that interferes with the growth of the young plant’s roots and causes it to die.  This is a preventative weed control method that you can learn a little more about here.  This will not kill existing weeds though some pre-emergent products do have a limited post-emergence activity that can eliminate young crabgrass plants up to the three to five tiller (stem) stage. 

Weed prevention is the best way to protect your lawn’s root system from fighting for water and nutrients with crabgrass and common broadleaf weeds. Most pre-emergent herbicide applications use the same active ingredients but can vary slightly depending on brand so make sure to check the label on any herbicides you purchase to ensure they will control the weeds you commonly see in your lawn.

When To Apply Pre-emergent

The time to apply the product is based on when the seeds germinate.  This typically happens when the soil temperature reaches 55oF. So usually you want to apply your preemergence herbicide sometime in early spring before germination starts.  This is also the temperature at which desired grass seeds start to germinate so you shouldn’t apply these types of products to newly seeded areas such as thin spots or winter damage along the edge of a driveway or walkway.

So Why Do I Still Have Weeds?

Not all weeds can be stopped with pre-emergent herbicide.  Some don’t grow from seed but from root expansion or they may simply not be susceptible to the active ingredients in the product.  You will need to spot treat during the season with a post-emergence herbicide to control those types of weeds.

Like preemergence herbicides most “weed killers” use a selective herbicide and may not eliminate every type of weed you may see in your lawn so make sure you check the product label before purchase. There are two growing seasons, the spring and fall. Regardless of what time of year you see weed growth it is best to catch them early when they are young and actively growing so keep a vigilant eye out for them.

Don't Want To Deal With All This By Yourself?

The best thing to do is to hire a lawn care professional to apply all the treatments for you.  They will fertilize as well as do weed control preventative and curative spot treatments as needed.  After adding up the cost of materials and your time, you will likely find it doesn’t cost much more to have a skilled and knowledgeable professional care your lawn.

Get More Info From The Pros!

Looking for more information on weed control or just ready to let the professionals take over your lawn care needs? The Grassmaster Plus team is ready and willing to answer any questions you have and can provide you a free quote on your lawn care services for the season. Contact our local office today!