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The Importance Of A Winter Fertilizer!

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on October 31, 2022

We all see those squirrels around the North Shore right now scurrying to get more acorns for the upcoming winter.  They’re building up their food supplies to get them through the cold weather where food is scarce.  What we don’t notice is the fact that your lawn is doing the same thing right now.  So providing your lawn a good winterizer application will help it store important nutrients for the long winter ahead.

Benefits of a Lawn Winterizer Fertilizer Application

Helps Strengthen Root Systems - While the first frost may have slowed your turf’s growing on the surface, your turfs root system is alive and well storing nutrients for the winter ahead.  During this time of the year, your roots store carbohydrates in the cellular wall of the turf, strengthening it for the upcoming winter.

Nurturing Young Seedlings

After the rough summer, you may have put down some seed and aerated your lawn.  As your lawn continues to recover, seedlings that have started to grow need food.  A balanced winterizer fertilizer application can deliver a steady stream of nutrients for the young grass to continue to grow, both on the surface and below.

Providing Food for a Spring Green-Up

Most winterizer applications are specially coated to last over several months and serve as food when your lawn wakes up next spring.  Additionally, micro organisms benefit from fertile soil, creating a better growing environment for your lawn.

Think of it like a hibernating bear. Your lawn stores and uses these nutrients during the long winter to stay healthy and ready for the pending spring.

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