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The Importance Of Watering Your Lawn

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on April 22, 2022

As a homeowner in the North Shore you may be paying for a lawn care service, but there are a lot of other factors you that go into receiving an all around healthy lawn. 

Just as important as sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients are to your lawn, watering is just as important. Just like us, your lawn needs to water to survive.

To keep your lawn healthy and to encourage growth, there are a few watering tips you can follow. Not only does it need a proper watering schedule, it needs the correct amount of water to prevent lawn disease, pests, and any other damage that can happen throughout the year. 

When To Water

Watering daily may seem like the best for your lawn, but really you only want to water a few times a week depending on temperatures. Watering daily actually prevents the water from getting down into the roots, instead, the extra water will just sit on the surface and eventually evaporate.

A few ways to tell if your grass needs water is if your lawn starts to look dull and discolored. Another way you can tell is if your grass blades are curled, that means your grass is water stressed and it needs more.

Lastly, if you step on your lawn and the grass seems to stay down and not spring up right away, it needs to be watered. You can also use this technique to tell if your lawn doesn’t need watered. For example, if you step on the lawn and the grass blades pop back up, its showing that it is sufficiently watered and doesn’t need anymore.

The Best Times To Water

Applying just a few inches of water 1-2 times a week is the best in order to receive the nutrients and benefits.

Not only should you not water daily, but there are also specific times of the day that are better than others. Early morning, as the sun is rising is one of the best times to water your lawn because the grass will soak up the most water before the soil has baked under the sun. If you were to water during the day, most of that would evaporate long before it reached the roots.

You can water in the evening as well but try and keep it before 6p.m. so it has time to dry some before nighttime. And if you do need to water at night, keep in mind that your grass stays wet longer, which can increase the likelihood of lawn disease.

Watering Techniques

There are multiple ways you can water your lawn, each having their own set of benefits.

If you have a smaller yard, you can use a hose that reaches all areas in your lawn. This method lets you be in control of which areas are being watered and for how long.

Another popular method is having a sprinkler or irrigation system. This watering system is helpful because it does the watering for you. Contrary to popular belief, this system can save you water if it is working correctly and applying to the right area for the correct amount of time.

This small chore is one of the many ways that you can play your part in getting the lawn results you want, especially when paying for a service. Whether that be a hands-on approach, or using a system that makes it easier for your lifestyle, if your yard is receiving the correct nutrients, you’ll find that getting your lawn to be that luscious green color can be simple with just an extra step or two. 

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