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Why You Need A Winterizer Application

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on November 4, 2020

Many people wonder if they need to have a lawn fertilizer application applied at the end of the season known as a Fall Winterizer. Since it is applied late in the season, the question becomes is it beneficial to my lawn? And the answer is a resounding YES.

What Is A Winterizer?

The term Winterizer has been around for decades and for the most part is a generic term referring to the last fertilizer put down for the season or the late fall fertilizer. It also consists of different nutrients that your normal nitrogen based fertilizer doesn't have that's put down during the rest of the season. It is applied in late fall and designed to help the root system store vital nutrients to use during the winter months and encourage a thick and quick growth and rooting in the spring. Think of it like the fat reserves a bear needs before hibernating in the winter.

When Should It Be Applied?

A Winterizer is not meant to encourage the grass to grow in the fall so in the North Shore area it is usually applied in mid to late November or even early December depending on the season. Basically, you want to put it down as the growing season has ended. So, when the lawn stops growing and you put away your lawn mower is usually a good sign it’s now time for your winter fertilizer.

Which Type Of Fertilizer Should Be Used?

For many years the ideal type of fertilizer to use was a low nitrogen fertilizer but high in phosphorus and potassium. There have recently been studies that show having some nitrogen is beneficial for this late fall feeding.

The best kind of turf builder for this time of year will have all three ingredients with a quick releasing water soluble nitrogen as opposed to a slow releasing one. There are a lot of different brands with many types of fertilizer blends claiming to be a “winterizer” so if you’re not sure what’s best for you and your lawn, contact a local lawn care professional for guidance.

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