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Why You Should Aerate & Overseed Your Lawn!

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on August 9, 2022

When it comes to lawn care in the North Shore, many people think they can stop treating their lawn in the fall, but what they don’t know is that lawn care in the fall plays a significant role. This is the time of year you need to prepare your lawn to survive the winter months for it to wake up healthy in the springtime.

One of the best ways to know your lawn is getting oxygen, water, and the nutrients it needs to thrive, is through aeration.


Walking, playing, or even mowing your yard throughout the year, are all ways that your soil can become compacted. If your soil is compacted, it will prevent the lawn from having a healthy roots system and receiving the nutrients that it needs.

Aeration relieves compressed soil and establishes more routes for water to reach the grass roots. This translates into a better fall growing season and less damage that can result to your lawn dying over the winter.

One of the best times to have your lawn aerated is in the late summer or early fall. Aeration is a mechanical process that removes plugs of soil from your lawn and leaves them on top of the  surface where they eventually break down into the soil. The small 2 to 3-inch holes that the plugs make are what allows the oxygen, water, and other nutrients to get down in the soil.


Not only is aeration beneficial, but overseeding can help fill in any small bare or patchy areas you may have in your lawn. In Massachusetts we have cool-season grass and this type of grass tends to germinate best when daily temperatures begin to gradually lower.

After the aeration, you can go back over the areas where the plugs were pulled and fill the holes with seed so that new grass growth can be established. Once the seeding is down, it is important to make sure you are watering it sufficiently.

Overseeding not only helps fill in bare areas, but a thicker lawn is a healthier lawn that can better withstand insects, disease, and environmental conditions like drought and shade.

Aerating & Overseeding In The Fall

These lawn care techniques are beneficial because they impact the future of your lawn’s health and helps prepare your lawn for the winter months.

The holes that are made from the core aeration, can help provide drainage to your lawn in the fall and winter months when snow accumulates and melts in the lawn. Not only can snow cause compacted soil, but the moisture that can remain on the lawn for a period of time, can cause disease. Having sufficient drainage helps aid any of these problems.

Your Soil & Your Lawn’s Health

The condition your soil is in, is directly related to the health of your lawn. Soil that can easily access air, water, and nutrients, helps sustain a healthy lawn.

Compacted soil that provides little room for these elements, leaves you with a dull-looking, discolored lawn. Aeration and overseeding help give your soil the nutrients it needs for your lawn to thrive all year round. 

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