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Trees, Shrubs & Plants


At Grassmaster Plus, we practice Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, in our Plant Health Care Program. The four steps of IPM are:

  • Setting action thresholds or determining at what population levels action needs to be taken against a pest. This will vary based on the plant/pest combination as well as aesthetic considerations of the plant and its place in the landscape.
  • Monitoring and identifying pests on plants. Since not all insects are a threat to a plant’s health, proper identification is vital to ensuring no unnecessary control measures are taken.
  • Prevention of pest infestations is the first line of defense. We may recommend changes in cultural practices such as pruning or even replacing certain plants to reduce pest problems.
  • When control measures are needed, we will use the least risky method that will control the pest in question. This could be mechanically removing something like a tent caterpillar nest or perhaps treating with a targeted pesticide that acts only on a given type of pest or stage of life cycle so that beneficial organisms are not impacted. Broadcast use of non-specific pesticides is a last resort.

Our approach

Improves the way your lawn takes up nutrients while aiding the lawn to resist insects, disease and weed encroachment. This results in a lawn with a rich green color, healthier plants and soil, and less environmental impact. Core aeration and over seeding are also important parts of the program and are recommended to be performed on an annual basis.

Plant Health Care

  • Spring Horticultural Oil Application
  • Evergreen Fertilization
  • Perennial Plant Fertilization/Pest Management Application
  • Pest Management Application
  • Fall Horticultural Oil Application
  • Fall Fertilizationg
  • Anti-dessicant (No Wilt) Application
  • Winter Moth Application

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Treatment Descriptions

Spring Horticultural Oil Application

Controls scale and over-wintering insects on evergreen trees/shrubs and fruit trees.

Coniferous Tree & Plant Fertilization

Spring fertilizer for acid-loving trees, shrubs and groundcovers.

Perennial Plant Fertilization

Broadcast fertilization of all perennial plants.

Pest Management Inspection/Application

A late summer visit to inspect and apply targeted treatment for insects as needed.

Fall Horticultural Oil Application

Controls scale and over-wintering insects on evergreen trees/shrubs and fruit trees.

Deep Root Feeding

Root fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs done in late fall to promote healthy growth in the spring.

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