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Lawn Services You Need This Spring

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on January 25, 2019

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed; not going between one job to another. After working all day, you don’t want to come home to apply fertilizer or weed control on your lawn.

Lawn Services a North Shore Lawn Care Company Can Do for You

There are three lawn chores that your North Shore lawn care company can do for you:

1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control: Early spring is time to add pre-emergent weed control to prevent crabgrass from popping up. A pre-emergent is applied so it can form a barrier in the soil preventing crabgrass seedlings from germinating. If crabgrass isn’t controlled in the spring, it’ll pop up in your lawn all season long.

2. General Aeration: In early spring, you want general aeration where your lawn service technician uses an aerator to pull plugs of soil and thatch up from the ground. Aeration allows the soil underneath your lawn to breathe and release carbon dioxide. Furthermore, aeration opens the soil to receive fertilizer and water as well as relieves soil compaction and enhances root development.

3. Fertilizer Program: Early to mid-spring starts the first round of fertilizer. You want to invest in a fertilizer program, so your lawn gets the right amount of nutrients at the right time. Your North Shore lawn service will customize a fertilizer program that fits your needs and budget.

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