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Why You Need to Hire a Local Lawn Company

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on December 14, 2018

The buy local movement has grown to include home services, such as lawn care and landscaping companies. 

Why local? When you go local, not only are you benefiting the local economy, but you also have a level of trust and accountability that you don’t have when you hire the guy in a truck or a huge franchise.

4 Benefits for Hiring a North Shore, Local Lawn Company

Your local lawn company sends experienced and knowledgeable field technicians to work on your property—inspecting your lawn for health and vitality.

Your local lawn company knows your soil, climate, regional weather patterns and the unique needs of your North Shore, MA turfgrass. Here are four other benefits of hiring locally:

1. As a customer, you know that your local lawn company has a brick and mortar building on the North Shore. So, if there is a problem, you can contact them and expect an answer. A one-man company can’t provide that level of service.

2. You’re helping to build up the North Shore’s economy because your hard-earned dollars are staying in the community. Plus, your North Shore lawn company hires locally—again, improving the local economy.

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3. You can check a local lawn company’s references easily. You can ask friends, neighbors and co-workers about the lawn company to see if it has a solid reputation in the community. Although, you should still check references before you hire any company.

4. The North Shore lawn company will serve with excellence. Why? Because it wants to remain a vital part of the community. So, your local lawn care company will strive to maintain an excellent reputation for service, price, and care.

What You Need to Know Before Your Hire a North Shore Lawn Service

So, you know that you’re going to hire locally. But what sets a great lawn service apart from a shoddy one?

A professional lawn company won’t leave you in the lurch. They’ll communicate with you, have trained field staff and show you what products they used on your property.

In other words, the right North Shore lawn care company is transparent.

Here are six things to check before hiring your lawn company:

1. Your lawn care service should have the correct insurances, such as General Liability and Workers Compensation. You can ask to see the certificates of coverage.

2. Ask for at least three references and check them to make sure the company provides the services promised.

3. You want to interview more than one lawn company to get a feel for how lawn companies provide their services, educate their field techs and how they work. You’ll be able to compare three companies to make the best choice.

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4. Ask your lawn company how long they’ve been in business. Longevity signals trustworthiness and sound business practices.

5. Check their work. Drive by homes that hire a particular lawn care company to see if the lawns are green, thick, healthy and weed-free.

6. Don’t allow anyone to work on your lawn before you receive a contract or a written plan for your property.

How Grassmasters Plus is the Right Lawn Company for You

At Grassmasters Plus, we take pride in taking care of lawns and landscapes in the North Shore. We provide lawn fertilization, plant health care and lawn repair services.

Our lawn care services include:

  • Lawn property assessment on every visit
  • Constant customer communication
  • Recommendations for additional services when needed
  • Our field technicians use the most current technology to give you real-time information.

All of our field technicians are licensed in the state of Massachusetts for pesticide applications. For your added comfort, we provide Materials Safety Data Sheets, so you know what we’re putting on your lawn.

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