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Proper Lawn Watering With a Sprinkler System

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on July 12, 2019

Managing Your Irrigation System

An irrigation system is the best way to make sure your lawn gets enough water during the growing season to stay full and green.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your watering system. You can also click here to learn more about lawn watering systems.

A Little Stress Is A Good Thing

A lawn that is watered lightly (say 15 minutes) and often will have roots that stay in the top inch or two of the soil since that is where the water is.  A heavier but less frequent watering will get water deeper into the soil profile and as the top of the soil dries, roots will grow down into that moist soil to find water.

Deep roots are the key to a healthy root system and helps protect cool season grasses from the hot/dry summers we have here in the North Shore area. Watch your lawn for the beginning signs of drought stress before watering deeply again.

Pre-dawn Watering Is Best

Watering early in the morning is the best time to water for several reasons.  There is less water lost due to simple evaporation due to the sun and heat of the day.  This timing also mimics the formation of dew and allows the grass to dry more naturally. 

Lawn watering at night can leave the grass blades wet for an extended period.  This makes them very susceptible to fungal diseases that need moisture to infect the grass. 

Have An Irrigation Audit

Have your system inspected to make sure you are getting thorough coverage.  You want enough overlap to get 100% coverage, but you don’t want some areas getting overwatered.  Observe the heads and make sure their pattern is complete. 

Heads can become clogged as they repeatedly emerge and retract during the irrigation cycles.  They can be cracked or broken by lawnmowers and other equipment that may go on the lawn. Don’t let heads water the pavement as that obviously doesn’t help your grass grow and just wastes water.

Consider using a rain gauge to see how much water is going down on your lawn. This will help you conserve water and get a better idea of the amount of water you need to add to ensure a healthy lawn.

Be Flexible

Just because your irrigation is set to water for 45 minutes every other day doesn’t mean your lawn needs that much water.  Proper lawn watering can be tricky, especially as weather conditions change and too much water can negatively impact your lawn. Learn how to use your system so you can adjust as needed during the season without expensive service calls and to ensure proper lawn watering.

As we’re now getting into the hot part of summer, even an established lawn with a deep root system may need extra water as not all grass roots are equal so make sure to consult a lawn care professional on the best lawn watering schedule for your property.

Get More Info From The Pros!

Looking for more information on irrigation or just ready to let the professionals take over your lawn care needs? The Grassmaster Plus team is ready and willing to answer any questions you have and can provide you a free quote on your lawn care services for the season. Contact our local office today!