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Finding An Affordable Lawn Care Service

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on July 19, 2019

You had high hopes in spring of taking care of your own lawn this year.  It’s now summer and your lawn may not be the jewel of the neighborhood for which you were hoping.  Maybe it’s time to seek the help of a professional!

Before Your Search Begins

There is one thing you need to know before you go in search of an affordable lawn care company and that is – how many square feet of turf do you have.  Some companies may be able to measure your property online but some of the picture those mapping services use can be a few years old.  So, you are better off knowing yourself how much grass you really have.  A good lawn care service is going to be basing your fee on the area treated and putting down the appropriate amount of the correct products at the right time so that your lawn can look its best.

What Do They Offer?

What do they include in a standard program?  Are there extra fees for grub preventative treatments and lime?  If you didn’t get a grub preventative down in time, do they offer a curative option?  Look for a company that will talk with you about additional services and why your lawn may benefit from them.  If your lawn is suffering from drought and heat stress, services like aeration and over-seeding and their benefits for your lawn should be explained. 

What Is It Worth To You?

If you have been doing your lawn care on your own, you can look back now and see the cost of the products you have purchased up to this point in the season.  Also think about how much time you have spent putting these treatments down.  What is your time worth to you and your family?  Another thing to consider is, did you in fact get the appropriate treatments down at the right time for them to be most effective?  What would be the cost to repair or replace your lawn if it is damaged because you did an application wrong or at the wrong time?

Consider all these factors when talking to a lawn service and think of the value this will be adding not only to your life but to your home as your lawn not just grows but thrives under the care of a professional lawn service.

Get More Info From The Pros!

Looking for more information on lawn care or just ready to let the professionals take over your lawn care needs? The Grassmaster Plus team is ready and willing to answer any questions you have and can provide you a free quote on your lawn care services for the season. Contact our local office today!