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8 Tips to Finding the Right North Shore Lawn Care Company for You

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on November 16, 2018

Do you crave a beautiful, thick lawn for your North Shore of Massachusetts property? Then you need to know how to find the right lawn care company for you.

What to Look for in Your Massachusetts Lawn Care Service

You don’t just want anyone working in your yard. Indeed, you want a lawn service with trained staff to perform the right services to make your lawn look its very best.

Here are eight tips to look for when you hire a North Shore lawn care company:

1. A company devoted to creating a lawn that improves your curb appeal: When you read the lawn service’s website, you should believe the company values a healthy lawn as much as you do. That philosophy should be verified when you meet the manager or salesperson.

2. Your chosen lawn care company should belong to a professional green industry organization: You want your lawn care service to be up-to-date on best lawn maintenance practices. Plus, membership in a state or national association demonstrates a desire to grow and keep up with trends.

3. Their technicians use proper safety equipment: Earplugs, safety glasses, and other safety equipment show a level of professionalism and care.

4. The company holds the right certifications and licenses for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The commonwealth requires all lawn care companies that apply pesticides to have a pesticide applicator’s license. Check with your company to make sure that they hold the right licenses to use fertilizer, pest and weed controls on your property. 

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5. The company carries the appropriate insurances: Check to make sure your lawn care service is up-to-date with general liability, workers’ compensation and other necessary coverages to protect you from property damage and lawsuits.

6. You should check their references and samples of their work before agreeing to work with them: Many companies have their portfolios or samples of their work on their websites. Check them out before calling your service provider. Make sure you check references too. It’s wise to interview two companies to compare services, prices, and professionalism.

7. The crew that comes to your home should be professionally dressed and in clean vehicles that clearly state the company’s name: You don’t want your lawn care technician showing up in a sad-looking truck wearing a dirty tee-shirt and cut-off shorts. Instead, the crew who works on your property should wear professional shirts, clean pants, and work shoes. 

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8. Any work they do for you should be in writing: Don’t agree to a deal or write a check to someone who only wants to seal the deal with a handshake. Instead, make sure the terms of work, cost and other promises are written in a contract you both sign.

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