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6 Reasons to Give Your Lawn One Final Cut This Fall

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on November 30, 2018

Now that the leaves are falling to the ground, and the holidays are around the corner, you may not be thinking about mowing your turfgrass. And yet, your lawn still needs mowing even here in the North Shore, either by you or your local lawn service until the first freeze.

Why Mow Until Mid-November?

Your lawn continues to grow until the first freeze, and it should continue to be cut until the first freeze occurs.

Your turfgrass is actively alive and still needs care even if it’s cold outside. Here are six reasons why your North Shore, Massachusetts lawn needs Fall mowing:

1. To help your turfgrass roots to continue development: In the late fall, your lawn service recommends that you mow your lawn, so the turfgrass’s energy is focused on root development rather than shoot growth. Mowing helps to channel that energy into the roots.

2. To prevent snow mold and bare patches in your yard next spring: If you allow your yard grass to get too long and then snow piles on top of it, your lawn is at risk for snow mold to develop over the winter. Mowing your lawn is especially crucial along with your driveway and along the street because the deicing material can contribute to snow mold.

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3. To keep the lawn mowed at the right height: This point ties in with number two. Not only do you want to avoid your turfgrass from bending under heavy snow, but you want to prevent scalping your lawn too. When you cut too low to the ground, you open up your lawn to weed seeds and other stressors. This is true for all seasons as turfgrass that is cut too short will be unable to stand up well during drought or extreme heat.

4. To keep your property looking tidy: Curb appeal is just as vital as turfgrass health. You want to take pride in your property, and one way to do that is by a well-manicured lawn with no leaves, weeds or overly tall lawn grass.

5. To give your new lawn grass its first mow: If your lawn was overseeded in the early fall, it’s time to mow it. You want to take only the top third off the grass blade. This helps new grass shoots to develop and grow a denser stand of turfgrass.

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6. To give your yard grass a quick spring green-up: In the fall, your lawn service cares for your lawn to help grass roots develop deep into the soil for optimum health. By cutting your lawn with the 1/3 rule, your turf will green up faster in the early spring due to shoot growth.

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