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The Benefits Of Hiring Local!

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on February 10, 2023

It's that time of year again when everyone starts looking to choose a lawn care company in the North Shore. Like everyone, you want quality service, a fair price, and quality products. But choosing the best lawn care company isn’t an easy decision. Although national or regional lawn care companies offer similar services as your local guy, there is more to consider.

Should you go with one of the first companies to appear on a Google search, such as TruGreen? Why are they at the top, because they're the best or because they spend the most money on advertising? Should you look for the "best lawn care company near me" and look into a smaller, locally owned company? The process can be overwhelming and not always easy, but there are some things to consider that may help you with your decision.

Programs & Products

A well known national company such as TruGreen offers similar services that local lawn care companies do, the difference is they perform services with the same products across the country. So someone who lives in the North Shore will get the same program and products as someone who lives in, say, Texas. Different climate, different soil, and different grass types all getting the same program and products.

A local company knows what products work best with the soil and grasses in your area and are able to conform their program to fit the needs that provide the best results for your lawn. A local company also knows what is going on with weather and bugs (like Armyworms!) whereas a national company won't be aware of those localized issues.

Customer Service

A local company has service staff that live in your community and are familiar with the types of conditions you experience where you live. In fact, they probably experience the same types of issues on your lawn as you do whether it's weather related, insects, etc.

Local companies also rely on keeping customers happy more than the big guys, like TruGreen. For local businesses to be profitable they need to retain customers and help grow their business by referrals, because they don't have the kind of money for advertising the big companies do. So they are more invested to provide you with better service if for no other reason than it makes good business sense.

Larger companies also have more layers of management which makes it harder for the average customer to get an issue resolved that can't be handled by a customer service representative. And in many cases, when you call a national company you are most likely calling a call center in a different part of the country. With a local service, the upper management and the owner are usually both present in the office, so customer service has the ability to go directly to them with any concerns they may be having so that they can come up with a solution and offer the best quality of care they can.

The Technicians

A local lawn care company works directly in your area and surrounding areas, so you become familiar with your “team” and the technician that is assigned to your city or route. Local companies rely on their technicians to be the face of their company and become a trusted advisor to their customers. The big national guys like TruGreen are built on speed and generally care more about getting a specified number of stops done daily than providing the time to service those stops properly.

A local lawn care service also relies on the relationship and trust a technician develops with their customers so if you did have a problem with your lawn like, spot a lawn disease, you can trust that the technician is providing you with the information you need and should expect instead of just trying to sell you a service you don't need. And if you have any other concerns, customer service would be able to speak with your technician directly and get the right answer for you based around your specific lawn.

If you're looking for more information on hiring a local lawn care company in the North Shore area or just ready to speak to someone about your lawn care needs for the upcoming season, go to or call 978-769-3595 today!