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What You Need To Know About Snow Mold!

Posted by: Nick DiBenedetto on February 24, 2023

Even with the mild winter we've had this year, winter weather can wreak havoc on even the well-kept lawns and invite many lawn diseases to come to play. One of the most infamous lawn diseases that attacks North Shore lawns in the winter is Snow Mold. In this article, you will learn how to spot and stop this lawn disease.

 What is Snow Mold?

Snow mold is actually a form of mold that forms under blankets of snow during winter. If you take a walk around your yard, you may notice circular spots that are gray, white, or pink. In the center of the spots will be a cobweb-like material, called mycelium. If the spot is gray, the mycelium will be gray or white. If it’s pink snow mold, there will be a pinkish tone to the mycelium. Knowing the difference between the two is very important; pink snow mold can be very harmful to your lawn and you should contact a professional service immediately. Luckily, gray snow mold is much more common than pink in our area and it will not kill your lawn.

What causes Snow Mold?

It forms due to lack of sunlight and restriction to air flow. It is especially common after the winter season, after your lawn has undergone a period of freezing temperatures and snow cover. It can also form without snow cover if it is cool, rainy, or overcast. Snow mold can happen to even the most well-groomed lawn, especially in the North Shore with the unpredictable weather changes.

How do you treat snow mold?

There are many steps that you can take to help your lawn with the effects of snow mold. Wait until the grass grows a little bit and mow the affected area to remove the dead, “crusty,” parts. In a week or two later, lightly rake the areas and “fluff” up the grass. Make sure you don’t rake too hard or you could damage the plant. To learn more about snow mold and options if the snow mold continues after two weeks, click here.

Have Questions?

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